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Are you interested in joining the fast-paced world of international finance? Whether you dream of becoming an accountant, investment broker or financial advisor, this top-up tutorials will help equip you with the skills required to get your career off to a great start.

This is a BSc Accounting degree top-up tutorial. A top-up degree tutorial is for those who have a Higher National Diploma or equivalent qualification, or those wishing to study the final year of their degree in any university. This tutorial will help you on your way to becoming a qualified accountant but also opens up opportunities for alternative rewarding careers in finance.

This programme is a great way to take advantage of these opportunities as soon as possible, allowing you to earn an honours degree in just one year. Students on the course study intensively, looking at both national and international markets to ensure a firm understanding of the global economy.

Course outline

FIN 305                                 Business Finance

ACC 301                                Financial Accounting

ACC 303                                Management Accounting

ACC 305                                Cost Accounting

LAW 305                               Company Law

BUS 315                                Introduction To Entrepreneurship 1

FRN 301                                Advanced French 1


BUS 304                                Management Theory

BUS 306                                Business Policy And Strategic Management

ACC 304                                Advanced Taxation

ACC 308                                Business Portfolio Management

MTH 302                              Quantitative Techniques

MTH 300                              Research Methodology

FRN 302                                Advanced French 2

ACC 300                                Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme


ACC 401                                Management Accounting 1

ACC 403                                Advanced Financial Accounting 1

ACC 405                                Public Sector Accounting

MTH 405                              Project Management Techniques

BUS 401                                Human Resource Management

BUS 403                                Production And Operation Management

BUS 411                                Entrepreneurial Studies

FIN 401                                 Corporate Governance ( Principles And Strategies)





Course objectives

  • Accounting graduates will demonstrate a base of knowledge, skills and professional orientation consistent with the accounting profession.
  • Students will demonstrate a general tax consciousness, including an understanding of the role of taxation in society and the development of skills related to the recognition of the tax problems.
  • Students will develop a foundation of tax knowledge, including the development of competence with respect to general concepts of taxation, procedural rules and their application, and tax planning.
  • Students will understand the traditional cost accounting concepts such as cost flows, product costing, variance analysis, budget process, decision making performance analysis, and responsibility accounting.
  • Students will be able to use the results of analytical procedures to identify “red flags” of audit risk.
  • Students will be able to apply critical-thinking, decision-making, and analytical problem-solving skills in an accounting environment.

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