Wednesday, September 18, 2019


We are the Bridge between you and your dream career in business and technology education. Bridge Business School and Bureau for Commerce (BBSBC) is a training and consulting group saddle with the responsibility to provide tech-driven training in the area of ICT, Commerce, health and Management.

Educational training services & Consultancy include;

  • Diploma in Commerce
  • HND/BSc to BSc Conversion & Top up programme
  • Diploma to Degree programmes (D2D)
  • Diploma in Legal Studies
  • Distant Learning course facilitation
  • E-Learning Training Design and implementation.

Bureau for Commerce & Business Consulting Services: Consulting services focused on managing assets and their related performance, and looking at the risks and costs during the asset life cycle. These services include:

  • Support for ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Developing policies, strategies
  • Oil and Gas Commerce
  • Carrying out management reviews
  • Counseling on new managerial methods and techniques.

We offer your company a broad view on performance management and cost and risk analysis of your equipment, with the aim of identifying the highest performance, systems integration and solutions focused on improving results related to the use of your assets throughout their life-cycle.


1. Do you offer degree?

No. But, we offer degree top-up programme consultation in collaboration with other universities. If you are interested in degree programmes we can help.

2. What is Top-up Degree

Top-up degree is a phrase used to describe a programme that leads to the award of a degree to a HND or degree holder after taking some recommended courses.

3. What is the duration of HND-BSc top up?

HND-BSc top-up programme takes up-to 4-8 months to complete. In Nigeria, it will take up-to 24 months in some universities.

4. I have BSc (3rd class) can i apply?

Yes. BSc top-up programme is designed to help graduates with 3rd class to do better with a second opportunity.


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